Amazon Career Levels and Salary Compensation Guide 2019

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2019)

Amazon Company Profile, Inc. engages in the retail sale of consumer products and subscriptions in North America and internationally. The company operates through three segments: North America, International, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) segments. It sells merchandise and content purchased for resale from vendors, as well as those offered by third-party sellers through physical stores and retail Websites, such as,,,,,,,,,,,,, and The company also manufactures and sells electronic devices, including kindle e-readers, fire tablets, fire TVs

Career Levels and Compensation at Amazon

Amazon career levels Levelsfyi com
Amazon career levels Levelsfyi com

Engineering Roles: As one of the biggest software companies in the world, Amazon aims to employ and retain the best in developer talents and provides its employees a strong career path on par with majority of the other companies in the Valley. Below is a concise table of Amazon Company Levels with the accompanying Amazon Job Titles, Amazon Total Yearly Compensation for Job Levels, Locations, Years of Experience for each Job Levels at Amazon, Years at Company that may warrant a job level at Amazon, Base Salary for Job Levels at Amazon, Stock Grant Value for different Levels at Amazon, Bonus you could get at different job levels as a Amazon employee and Other details.

NB: The below contains our crowdsourced intelligence on different job levels at Amazon. Please note that the raw data is presented as it is and all compensation is in thousands (i.e. 000′).

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Job Levels at Amazon Inc

A table on the various job levels along with their varying Job titles at Amazon.

5Product ManagerSeattle
5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
5Software EngineerSeattle
5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
5Software EngineerSeattle
6Software EngineerSeattle
6Software Engineering ManagersEATTLE
6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle
6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle
6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle
7Product ManagerSeattle WA
7Product ManagerSeattle, WA
7Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, wa
L4Software EngineerSeattle
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L4Software Engineerseattle
L4Software EngineerSunnyvale, CA
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L4Software EngineerSunnyvale
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L4Software EngineerNew York
L4Software EngineerSeattle
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L4Software EngineerSeattle, Wa
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L4Software EngineerSan Francisco, CA
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L4Software EngineerNew York City, NY
L4Software EngineerSeattle
L4Software EngineerIrvine, CA
L4Software EngineerAustin, TX
L4Software EngineerToronto, ON
L5Software EngineerVancouver, BC, Canada
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerDublin, Ireland
L5Software EngineerSeattle, wa
L5Software EngineerSan Francisco
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle
L5Software EngineerSeattle, wa
L5Software EngineerSeattle WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerCambridge, MA
L5Software EngineerSeattle
L5Software EngineerSan Francisco, CA
L5Software EngineerSeattle
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerPaloalto
L5Software EngineerSeattle
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle
L5Software EngineerHerndon, VA
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Product ManagerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle
L5Software EngineerSan Francisco, CA
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle, Washington
L5Software EngineerSeattle
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle
L5Product ManagerSeattle
L5Product ManagerBoston, MI
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5Software EngineerSeattle
L5 / SDE2Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L5 / SDE2Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA
L6Product ManagerSeattle
L6Product ManagerSeattle
L6Product ManagerSeattle
L6Product ManagerSeattle, WA
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle
L6Product ManagerSeattle, WA
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA
L6Software EngineerBangalore, India
L6Software Engineering ManagerSan Francisco, CA
L6Software EngineerSEATTLE
L6Software Engineering ManagerSunnyvale CA
L6Product ManagerSeattle, WA
L6Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L6Software EngineerSunnyvale, CA
L6Product ManagerSeattle
L6Product ManagerSeattle, WA
L6Software EngineerSeattle,WA
L6Product ManagerSeattle
L6Software EngineerSeattle
L6Software EngineerCambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
L6Product ManagerSeattle, WA
L6Software EngineerDublin, Ireland
L6Software EngineerSeattle, ca
L6Software EngineerIrvine, CA
L6Product ManagerSunnyvale
L6Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L6Product ManagerSeattle
L6Product ManagerSeattle
L6Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L6Software EngineerSeattle, WA
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA
L6Software EngineerSeattle
L6Product ManagerVancouver, BC
L6Software EngineerNew York
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle
L6Software EngineerSunnyvale, CA
L6Product ManagerSunnyvale, CA
L6Software EngineerPalo Alto, CA
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA
L6Product ManagerSeattle
L6Software EngineerSeattle
L6 - SDE3 - Senior EngineerSoftware EngineerSeattle
L7Product ManagerSeattle, WA
L7Software EngineerSeattle, CA
L7Product ManagerSeattle
L7Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA
L7Product ManagerSan Francisco
L7Software EngineerSeattle
L7Product ManagerSeattle, WA
L7Product ManagerSeattle, WA
L7Product ManagerSunnyvale
L7Product ManagerSeattle
L7Software EngineerSeattle
l7Product Managerseattle
L7Software EngineerSeattle
L7Product ManagerSeattle
L7 PrincipalSoftware EngineerSeattle, WA
L8Product ManagerSeattle, wa
Principal engineerSoftware EngineerSeattle
Research ScientistSoftware EngineerNew York
SDE 3Software EngineerSeattle, WA
SDE 3Software EngineerSeattle
SDE ISoftware EngineerSeattle
SDE IISoftware EngineerSeattle, WA
SDE IISoftware EngineerSeattle, WA
SDE IISoftware EngineerSeattle
SDE III (L6)Software EngineerSeattle
SDE3(L6)Software EngineerCupertino, CA
SDEIISoftware EngineerSeattle
SeniorSoftware EngineerSeattle

Amazon career levels Levelsfyi com
Amazon career levels Levelsfyi com

Years of Experience needed to work at each Level in Amazon

The below also contains Years needed to get to each Level at Amazon and the varying Office locations you will work in different Job Levels at Amazon:

LevelTitleYears of ExperienceYears at CompanyLocation
5Product Manager33Seattle
5Software Engineer22Seattle, WA
5Software Engineer55Seattle
5Software Engineer31Seattle, WA
5Software Engineer55Seattle
6Software Engineer106Seattle
6Software Engineering Manager147sEATTLE
6Software Engineering Manager77Seattle
6Software Engineering Manager121Seattle
6Software Engineering Manager155Seattle
7Product Manager100Seattle WA
7Product Manager1212Seattle, WA
7Software Engineering Manager221Seattle, wa
L4Software Engineer72Seattle
L4Software Engineer0.50.5Seattle, WA
L4Software Engineer00.5seattle
L4Software Engineer11Sunnyvale, CA
L4Software Engineer00Seattle, WA
L4Software Engineer22Seattle, WA
L4Software Engineer00Seattle, WA
L4Software Engineer11Sunnyvale
L4Software Engineer1.41.4Seattle, WA
L4Software Engineer10Seattle, WA
L4Software Engineer10.25Seattle, WA
L4Software Engineer00New York
L4Software Engineer0.50.5Seattle
L4Software Engineer32Seattle, WA
L4Software Engineer00Seattle, WA
L4Software Engineer30.6Seattle, Wa
L4Software Engineer50Seattle, WA
L4Software Engineer11San Francisco, CA
L4Software Engineer22Seattle, WA
L4Software Engineer00New York City, NY
L4Software Engineer22Seattle
L4Software Engineer0.80.8Irvine, CA
L4Software Engineer00Austin, TX
L4Software Engineer11Toronto, ON
L5Software Engineer111Vancouver, BC, Canada
L5Software Engineer33Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer100Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer66Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineering Manager127Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer92Dublin, Ireland
L5Software Engineer55Seattle, wa
L5Software Engineer121San Francisco
L5Software Engineer44Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer91Seattle
L5Software Engineer116.5Seattle, wa
L5Software Engineer50Seattle WA
L5Software Engineer100Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer113Cambridge, MA
L5Software Engineer105.5Seattle
L5Software Engineer101San Francisco, CA
L5Software Engineer33Seattle
L5Software Engineer33Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer31Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer33Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer30Paloalto
L5Software Engineer52Seattle
L5Software Engineer71Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer3.83.8Seattle
L5Software Engineer61Herndon, VA
L5Software Engineer121Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer153Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer74Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer122Seattle
L5Software Engineer53.5Seattle, WA
L5Product Manager61.5Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer36Seattle
L5Software Engineer44San Francisco, CA
L5Software Engineer30Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer55Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer62Seattle, Washington
L5Software Engineer61Seattle
L5Software Engineer93Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer80Seattle
L5Product Manager55Seattle
L5Product Manager131Boston, MI
L5Software Engineer80Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer76.5Seattle, WA
L5Software Engineer31Seattle
L5 / SDE2Software Engineer22Seattle, WA
L5 / SDE2Software Engineer52Seattle, WA
L6Software Engineering Manager121Seattle
L6Software Engineering Manager121.25Seattle, WA
L6Product Manager92Seattle
L6Product Manager193Seattle
L6Product Manager92Seattle
L6Product Manager62Seattle, WA
L6Software Engineering Manager132.5Seattle
L6Product Manager61Seattle, WA
L6Software Engineering Manager104Seattle, WA
L6Software Engineer88Bangalore, India
L6Software Engineering Manager152San Francisco, CA
L6Software Engineer124SEATTLE
L6Software Engineering Manager115Sunnyvale CA
L6Product Manager6.53.5Seattle, WA
L6Software Engineer201Seattle, WA
L6Software Engineer205Sunnyvale, CA
L6Product Manager101Seattle
L6Product Manager81.5Seattle, WA
L6Software Engineer216Seattle,WA
L6Product Manager92.5Seattle
L6Software Engineer61Seattle
L6Software Engineer138Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
L6Product Manager81.5Seattle, WA
L6Software Engineer111Dublin, Ireland
L6Software Engineer31Seattle, ca
L6Software Engineer202Irvine, CA
L6Product Manager165Sunnyvale
L6Software Engineer153Seattle, WA
L6Product Manager61Seattle
L6Product Manager61Seattle
L6Software Engineer55Seattle, WA
L6Software Engineer127Seattle, WA
L6Software Engineering Manager2012Seattle, WA
L6Software Engineer106Seattle
L6Product Manager253Vancouver, BC
L6Software Engineer141New York
L6Software Engineering Manager141Seattle
L6Software Engineer130Sunnyvale, CA
L6Product Manager102Sunnyvale, CA
L6Software Engineer62Palo Alto, CA
L6Software Engineering Manager64Seattle, WA
L6Product Manager101Seattle
L6Software Engineer1212Seattle
L6 - SDE3 - Senior EngineerSoftware Engineer87Seattle
L7Product Manager80Seattle, WA
L7Software Engineer153Seattle, CA
L7Product Manager151.5Seattle
L7Software Engineering Manager193Seattle, WA
L7Product Manager200San Francisco
L7Software Engineer372Seattle
L7Product Manager142Seattle, WA
L7Product Manager135.5Seattle, WA
L7Product Manager81Sunnyvale
L7Product Manager153Seattle
L7Software Engineer88Seattle
l7Product Manager1210seattle
L7Software Engineer1212Seattle
L7Product Manager181Seattle
L7 PrincipalSoftware Engineer1513Seattle, WA
L8Product Manager132Seattle, wa
Principal engineerSoftware Engineer247Seattle
Research ScientistSoftware Engineer22New York
SDE 3Software Engineer55Seattle, WA
SDE 3Software Engineer222Seattle
SDE ISoftware Engineer00Seattle
SDE IISoftware Engineer20Seattle, WA
SDE IISoftware Engineer44Seattle, WA
SDE IISoftware Engineer55Seattle
SDE III (L6)Software Engineer168Seattle
SDE3(L6)Software Engineer105Cupertino, CA
SDEIISoftware Engineer121Seattle
SeniorSoftware Engineer149Seattle

Salary, Stock and Bonuses Compensations for each Job Level at Amazon

Salaries at each level is always a big deal. These crowdsourced data will let you see the Total Yearly compensation/ Take home pay across different Job levels and Titles at Amazon.

LevelTitleLocationBase SalaryStock Grant ValueBonusTotal Yearly Compensation
5Product ManagerSeattle7248120
5Software EngineerSeattle, WA13240172
5Software EngineerSeattle13248180
5Software EngineerSeattle, WA300
5Software EngineerSeattle14000090000230
6Software EngineerSeattle145000150000300
6Software Engineering ManagersEATTLE342
6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle160160320
6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle160350
6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle150000150000300
7Product ManagerSeattle WA15514073190
7Product ManagerSeattle, WA140000210000325
7Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, wa16000010962059733329
L4Software EngineerSeattle161
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA132
L4Software Engineerseattle10500090000105
L4Software EngineerSunnyvale, CA1019033140
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA1066546150
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA900004300052000115
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA112341156
L4Software EngineerSunnyvale148
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA1070003371212000151
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA106335144
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA1063.2535.5145
L4Software EngineerNew York125539170
L4Software EngineerSeattle1100006500035000150
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA10788400130
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA1250007500022000147
L4Software EngineerSeattle, Wa12000500020000145
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA11000027000140
L4Software EngineerSan Francisco, CA1017007000030000145
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA860120k150k956
L4Software EngineerNew York City, NY123539k165
L4Software EngineerSeattle131500435004000179
L4Software EngineerIrvine, CA104500300026000133
L4Software EngineerAustin, TX1060006500066000144
L4Software EngineerToronto, ON93000200022000118
L5Software EngineerVancouver, BC, Canada12000053000173
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA11000080000190
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA150761218
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA1280072000200
L5Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA13867205
L5Software EngineerDublin, Ireland93771170
L5Software EngineerSeattle, wa122000230
L5Software EngineerSan Francisco160225150250
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA12464188
L5Software EngineerSeattle15012040200
L5Software EngineerSeattle, wa137.546183
L5Software EngineerSeattle WA147120196
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA15518580245
L5Software EngineerCambridge, MA13280212
L5Software EngineerSeattle13248178
L5Software EngineerSan Francisco, CA1605535250
L5Software EngineerSeattle13100051000182
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA13500065000196
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA14000018000064000180
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA13350000175
L5Software EngineerPaloalto160180120235
L5Software EngineerSeattle1352015170
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA1204010170
L5Software EngineerSeattle134.556191
L5Software EngineerHerndon, VA1364009000025000164
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA14500024000080000192
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA12575200
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA145218
L5Software EngineerSeattle14230172
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA138000117000255
L5Product ManagerSeattle, WA164
L5Software EngineerSeattle240
L5Software EngineerSan Francisco, CA16.15.16.8280
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA14521660216
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA130100230
L5Software EngineerSeattle, Washington160
L5Software EngineerSeattle1343021185
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA11575190
L5Software EngineerSeattle14970025000090000203
L5Product ManagerSeattle122125247
L5Product ManagerBoston, MI1451125180
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA1501060220
L5Software EngineerSeattle, WA130000160000290
L5Software EngineerSeattle150000320000110000240
L5 / SDE2Software EngineerSeattle, WA1315804610187
L5 / SDE2Software EngineerSeattle, WA13473207
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle160287
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA160298
L6Product ManagerSeattle123371170
L6Product ManagerSeattle150120270
L6Product ManagerSeattle195
L6Product ManagerSeattle, WA160110270
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle151750140000290
L6Product ManagerSeattle, WA1400002900032000201
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA160130290
L6Software EngineerBangalore, India90
L6Software Engineering ManagerSan Francisco, CA170110220500
L6Software EngineerSEATTLE160135295
L6Software Engineering ManagerSunnyvale CA183317500
L6Product ManagerSeattle, WA225
L6Software EngineerSeattle, WA1600008000071000311
L6Software EngineerSunnyvale, CA185165350
L6Product ManagerSeattle14300016000070190
L6Product ManagerSeattle, WA1408817245
L6Software EngineerSeattle,WA1601741334
L6Product ManagerSeattle14599244
L6Software EngineerSeattle350
L6Software EngineerCambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom109137246
L6Product ManagerSeattle, WA13000060000190
L6Software EngineerDublin, Ireland1150004750060000222
L6Software EngineerSeattle, ca308
L6Software EngineerIrvine, CA16018100270
L6Product ManagerSunnyvale185130315
L6Software EngineerSeattle, WA152000193000345
L6Product ManagerSeattle14810570194
L6Product ManagerSeattle14900058000207
L6Software EngineerSeattle, WA155000150000305
L6Software EngineerSeattle, WA160000220000380
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA150000165000315
L6Software EngineerSeattle157400220000375
L6Product ManagerVancouver, BC16283245
L6Software EngineerNew York165000220000125000230
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle1500003000020000190
L6Software EngineerSunnyvale, CA180264160288
L6Product ManagerSunnyvale, CA1633245255
L6Software EngineerPalo Alto, CA185000470000200000300
L6Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA160325
L6Product ManagerSeattle14000013500090000205
L6Software EngineerSeattle158142300
L6 - SDE3 - Senior EngineerSoftware EngineerSeattle155190345
L7Product ManagerSeattle, WA155310
L7Software EngineerSeattle, CA160000110000270
L7Product ManagerSeattle155145100400
L7Software Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA160000580000740
L7Product ManagerSan Francisco430
L7Software EngineerSeattle160347200707
L7Product ManagerSeattle, WA160170330
L7Product ManagerSeattle, WA156121277
L7Product ManagerSunnyvale18500012000000550
L7Product ManagerSeattle160140300
L7Software EngineerSeattle650
l7Product Managerseattle580
L7Software EngineerSeattle220210430
L7Product ManagerSeattle160128000300
L7 PrincipalSoftware EngineerSeattle, WA1503001450
L8Product ManagerSeattle, wa160460625
Principal engineerSoftware EngineerSeattle160815975
Research ScientistSoftware EngineerNew York18015090250
SDE 3Software EngineerSeattle, WA145140285
SDE 3Software EngineerSeattle1600007500080000315
SDE ISoftware EngineerSeattle1060001625035500157.75
SDE IISoftware EngineerSeattle, WA150000750055000212
SDE IISoftware EngineerSeattle, WA131100230
SDE IISoftware EngineerSeattle124762102200227
SDE III (L6)Software EngineerSeattle240
SDE3(L6)Software EngineerCupertino, CA185000145000330
SDEIISoftware EngineerSeattle1561261229
SeniorSoftware EngineerSeattle200

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Products You will Work on at Amazon:

Amazon product lines include several media (books, DVDs, music CDs, videotapes, and software), apparel, baby products, consumer electronics, beauty products, gourmet food, groceries, health and personal-care items, industrial & scientific supplies, kitchen items, jewelry and watches, lawn and garden items, musicals from prime, etc.

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