Google Salary and Levels for Bootcamp Grads Revealed

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2019)

Did you attend a boot camp or about to and you what to know what your potential earnings might be after camp? We asked some recent Boot camp Grads to anonymously  reveal their levels and salary compensation at Google. Here is what we gathered.


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To begin, see below the Levels in 26 Tech Companies for Recent CS Grads.


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Salary for Bootcamp Grads at Google

NB: Responses have been edited for clarity.


Engineer 1

Google pays new grads $180k total comp, ~$110k cash.


Engineer  2

$200k is not very hard at the big tech companies, they employ a LOT of engineers in the bay area.

I’m less than 2 years out of camp, and I’m set to make ~$210k at Google in 2017. Up from ~$170 when I started. I know a few who are making a more than me because they negotiated their stock units well. To be fair, GOOG doing well the past two years has helped me a lot. It would be $186k at grant price.

I haven’t even gotten promoted yet.

These figures are before taxes, of course.


Engineer 3

I know fresh grads in the NYC area who have been offered $130k/year in total compensation from Google and Facebook.


Engineer  4

Three people from my bootcamp cohort ended up at Google. They had math/science background, but not CS. On average, they earn $180k. I know other people from my bootcamp who got to Google after year or two of working at other companies.


Engineer 5

I’m an App Academy grad. I don’t work at Google myself, but I know a few who do.

App Academy is indeed extremely selective, with an acceptance rate less than 3%. A Academy Shows us a salary breakdown of Grads who work at Google. Its between $150-$200k.

The salaries shown are all self-reported (App Academy isn’t releasing this), so there is likely some sample bias for sure.



Engineer  6

I work at App Academy – A top CS Bootcamp in the admissions department. Happened to see this while at work.

Grads from our bootcamp at Google, usually start at $105k average in SF, $89k in NY.

These numbers are very much in-line with our graduate history . Thanks.


Levels at Google

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Google career levels
Google career levels



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Google Salary and Levels for Bootcamp Grads Revealed
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