Facebook Career Levels and Salary Guide 2019

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2019)

Facebook Company Profile
Facebook, Inc. engages in the development of social media applications for people to connect through mobile devices, personal computers, and other surfaces.

It (Facebook.com) is The largest social network on the planet with over 2.5 billion users. And the Facebook centric products or rather features include Profile, News Feed, Messenger, Groups, Events, Video, Photos, Search, Pages, and Facebook for Business. It serves over 2 billion monthly active users, 1 billion mobile daily active users and 2 billion searches per day, 3 trillion posts, with over $500 billion market capitalization.

Facebook career levels Levelsfyi com
Facebook career levels

Career Levels and Salary at Facebook

Engineering Roles: As one of the biggest software companies in the world, Facebook aims to employ and retain the best in developer talents and provides its employees a strong career path on par with majority of the other companies in the Valley. Below is a concise table of Facebook Company Levels with the accompanying Facebook Job Titles, Facebook Total Yearly Compensation for Job Levels, Locations, Years of Experience for each Job Levels at Facebook, Years at Company that may warrant a job level at Facebook, Base Salary for Job Levels at Facebook, Stock Grant Value for different Levels at Facebook, Bonus you could get at different job levels as a Facebook employee and Other details.

NB: The below contains our crowdsourced intelligence on different job levels at Facebook. Please note that the raw data is presented as it is and all compensation is in thousands (i.e. 000′).

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Job Levels at Facebook Inc

A table on the various job levels along with their varying Job titles at Facebook.

E3Software EngineerMenlo Park, CA
E3Software EngineerSan Francisco
E3Software EngineerSeattle, WA
E4Software EngineerMenlo Park, CA
E4Software EngineerSeattle, WA
E4Software EngineerSan Francisco, CA
E4Software EngineerNew York, NY
E4Software EngineerSan Francisco, CA
E5Software EngineerCambridge, Massachusetts
E5Software EngineerMenlo Park, CA
E5Software EngineerSeattle, WA
E6Software EngineerSan Francisco, CA
E6Software EngineerMenlo Park, CA
E6Software EngineerLondon, London, UK
E6Software EngineerSF
E7Software EngineerSan Francisco
E7Software EngineerMOUNTAIN VIEW
IC6Software EngineerMenlo Park
L5Software EngineerLondon
L6Software Engineering ManagerDublin, Ireland
L6Product ManagerMenlo Park
M1Software Engineering ManagerSeattle
Facebook career levels Levelsfyi com
Facebook career levels

Years of Experience needed to work at each Level in Facebook

The below also contains Years needed to get to each Level at Facebook and the varying Office locations you will work in different Job Levels at Facebook:

LevelTitleYears of ExperienceYears at Company
E3Software Engineer11
E4Software Engineer3.52
E5Software Engineer11.54
E6Software Engineer200
E7Software Engineer76
IC6Software Engineer182
L5Software Engineer51
L6Software Engineering Manager191
L6Product Manager150
M1Software Engineering Manager90

Salary, Stock and Bonuses Compensations for each Job Level at Facebook

Salaries at each level is always a big deal. These crowdsourced data will let you see the Total Yearly compensation/ Take home pay across different Job levels and Titles at Facebook.

LevelLocationBase SalaryStock Grant ValueBonusTotal Yearly CompensationOther details
E3San Francisco1100003750020000168
E3Seattle, WA10700011000010700160
E3Menlo Park, CA1073811155
E3Menlo Park, CA1100005500075000251
E3Menlo Park, CA110000220000100000176
E3Menlo Park12400014500023000160
E4Menlo Park, CA14015014190
E4Seattle, WA1535007450010000238
E4Menlo Park, CA1600007500016000251
E4MENLO PARK1455896814220
E4New York, NY15700010100015700275
E4San Francisco, CA1552001522030k signing bonus
E5Cambridge, Massachusetts175000428
E5Menlo Park, CA17516030360
E5Menlo Park, CA19026030450
E5Menlo Park, CA18500040000030000315
E5menlo park, CA18000015000025000380
E5Seattle, WA190000400000360
E6San Francisco, CA20000018000050000430
E6Seattle205000280000041000718Of stock, 1.5m is vested, 1.3m outstanding. Includes discretionary stock grant of 750k. Hired at E4 in 2013, initial grant was 9,600 shares at $26.
E6Menlo Park, CA215100040600
E6Seattle, WA220000100000055000525
E6Menlo Park, CA21000022500042000477E6 ready for promotion to E7. 20 years experience, expert in my area of focus (10 years focus on mobile application design and architecture), full stack skills, mobile focused.
E6London, London, UK220
E6Menlo Park, CA200000150000140000490Bonus includes 100K sign-on
e6menlo park, CA20020040440
E6Menlo Park720
E6Menlo Park215470
E6Seattle, WA21609041400043218675
E6Menlo Park, CA21000045000042000400
E7San Francisco1500
E7MOUNTAIN VIEW250000200000061250850
IC6Menlo Park21583050535
L6Dublin, Ireland1402903046012k sign-on
L6Menlo Park22025044514
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Products You will Work on at Facebook:

The Facebook Products include Facebook (including the Facebook mobile app and in-app browser), Messenger, Instagram (including apps like Direct and Boomerang), tbh, Moments, Bonfire, Facebook Mentions, AR Studio, Audience Network, and any other features, apps, technologies, software, products, or services offered by Facebook Inc which includes:

  1. Facebook (Facebook.com) — The largest social network on the planet with over 1.7 billion users. And the Facebook centric products or rather features include Profile, News Feed, Messenger, Groups, Events, Video, Photos, Search, Pages, and Facebook for Business.
  2. Facebook Lite — Facebook Lite is a version of Facebook for Android that uses less data and works well across all network conditions.
  3. Instagram (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile)
  4. Messenger (Messenger.com)
  5. Facebook Messenger Kids
  6. Instant Articles
  7. Facebook Live
  8. Facebook Watch
  9. WhatsApp
  10. Moments
  11. Internet.org
  12. fb Ads — Advertise on Facebook.
  13. Instagram Business
  14. Pages
  15. Fb Local
  16. Facebook For Creators
  17. Facebook For Developers — Facebook Platform helps developers build, grow and monetize their business.
  18. Business
  19. Business Manager — Manage ad accounts, Pages, and the people who work on them — all in one place.
  20. Audience Insights
  21. Audience Network
  22. Blueprint
  23. Facebook IQ
  24. Facebook Payments
  25. Lifestage
  26. Atlas
  27. CrowdTangle
  28. Masquerade
  29. Moves
  30. Oculus
  31. Onavo

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