Google Career Levels and Salary Guide 2019

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2019)

Google Company Profile
Alphabet Inc., incorporated on July 23, 2015, is a holding company. The Company’s businesses include Google Inc. and its Internet product including Android and the Play Store services that run atop.

Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University, California.

Google career levels
career levels

Career Levels and Salary at Google

Engineering Roles: As one of the biggest software companies in the world, Google aims to employ and retain the best in developer talents and provides its employees a strong career path on par with majority of the other companies in the Valley. Below is a concise table of Google Company Levels with the accompanying Google Job Titles, Google Total Yearly Compensation for Job Levels, Locations, Years of Experience for each Job Levels at Google, Years at Company that may warrant a job level at Google, Base Salary for Job Levels at Google, Stock Grant Value for different Levels at Google, Bonus you could get at different job levels as a Google employee and Other details.

NB: The below contains our crowdsourced intelligence on different job levels at Google. Please note that the raw data is presented as it is and all compensation is in thousands (i.e. 000′).

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Job Levels at Google Inc

A table on the various job levels along with their varying Job titles at Google.

E3Software Engineer
Group Product ManagerProduct Manager
L3Software Engineer
L4Software Engineer
L5Software Engineer
L5Product Manager
L6Software Engineering Manager
L6Software Engineer
L7Product Manager
L7Software Engineering Manager
L7Software Engineer
L7Software Engineering Manager
L7.5Product Manager
Product Manager 3Product Manager
SeniorSoftware Engineer
StaffSoftware Engineer
T2Software Engineer
T3Software Engineer
T4Software Engineer
T5Software Engineer
T6Software Engineer
T7Software Engineer
Google career levels
Google career levels

Years of Experience needed to work at each Level in Google

The below also contains Years needed to get to each Level at Google and the varying Office locations you will work in different Job Levels at Google:

LevelTitleLocationYears of ExperienceYears at Company
E3Software EngineerNew York60
E3Software EngineerMountain View, CA2.50
Group Product ManagerProduct ManagerMountain View, CA182
L3Software EngineerMountain View22
L3Software EngineerSeattle21.5
L3Software EngineerMountain View, CA33
L3Software EngineerNew York, NY30
L3Software EngineerMountain View, CA11
L3Software EngineerNew York City, NY42
L3Software EngineerSan Francisco10
L4Software EngineerMountain View, CA84
L4Software EngineerMountain View, CA40
L4Software EngineerMountain View, CA53.5
L4Software EngineerSunnyvale, CA, USA52
L4Software EngineerNew York, NY42
L4Software Engineermountain view, ca33
L4Software EngineerSeattle53
L4Software EngineerSeattle42
L4Software EngineerMountain View6.750
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA3.52.5
L4Software EngineerSeattle, WA70
L4Software EngineerMountain View22
L4Software EngineerNew York, NY42
L4Software EngineerSunnyvale, CA11
L5Software EngineerMountain View, CA54
L5Software EngineerNew York, NY70
L5Product ManagerSan Francisco, CA52
L5Software Engineernew york,ny151
L5Software EngineerDublin, Ireland179
L5Software EngineerKirkland98
L5Product ManagerSunnyvale, ca161
L5Product ManagerNew York, NY73
L5Software EngineerKirkland206
L5Software EngineerMountain View90
L6Software Engineering ManagerDublin, Ireland2011
L6Software EngineerMountain View, CA114
L7Product ManagerSeattle, WA116
L7Product ManagerSan Francisco154
L7Software Engineering ManagerSan Jose, CA184
L7Software EngineerSan Jose, CA103
L7Software Engineering ManagerMountain View, CA283.5
L7.5Product ManagerMountain View, CA151
Product Manager 3Product ManagerKirkland, WA151
SeniorSoftware EngineerSan Francisco, CA121.5
StaffSoftware EngineerMountain View77
T2Software EngineerNew York, NY00
T3Software EngineerNYC20
T3Software EngineerBoulder, CO0.50.5
T4Software EngineerMountain View62
T5Software EngineerNew York, NY62
T5Software EngineerSunnyvale, CA98
T5Software EngineerKirkland, WA112
T5Software EngineerSunnyvale163
T5Software EngineerKirkland, WA73
T5Software EngineerPittsburgh, PA66
T6Software EngineerNew York, NY1412
T6Software EngineerSunnyvale155
T6Software EngineerSunnyvale160
T6Software EngineerMountain View133
T7Software EngineerNew York, NY107
T7Software EngineerSan Jose, CA103

Salary, Stock and Bonuses Compensations for each Job Level at Google

Salaries at each level is always a big deal. These crowdsourced data will let you see the Total Yearly compensation/ Take home pay across different Job levels and Titles at Google.

LevelLocationBase SalaryStock Grant ValueBonusTotal Yearly CompensationOther details
E3New York13000015000015150
E3Mountain View, CA1300004100019500190sign on $50000
Group Product ManagerMountain View, CA21060090900
L3Mountain View12514025179
L3Mountain View, CA271
L3Mountain View, CA1300002000005000025015% target bonus
L3New York, NY1405621217No degree, used competing offer from Facebook
L3Mountain View, CA1200008000021221
L3New York City, NY1306025225
L3Cambridge, MA10522.516143
L3Mountain View675
L3San Francisco13517520199135k Base/ 175K Stock/ 25k Sign On
L4Mountain View, CA15511233300
L4Mountain View, CA1609124275
L4Mountain View, CA14210026268
L4Sunnyvale, CA, USA15000015000020000320
L4New York, NY1467667526000284Maybe a bit higher with on call comp
L4mountain view, ca15014030320
L4Mountain View17012526320
L4Seattle, WA12479.526.6230
L4Mountain View1400005000028000230
L4Seattle, WA1550001200002500030030k signon
L4Mountain View650000150000160000800
L4New York, NY1376524.5227
L4Sunnyvale, CA13111230273Bonus includes on call compensation, referral, and annual
L5Mountain View, CA15000012000035000330
L5New York, NY1754050.15303
L5San Francisco, CA17711026350
L5new york,ny16000040000024000270
L5Dublin, Ireland12011525260
L5Mountain View19017560395
L5Sunnyvale, ca15550000015310
L5New York, NY16000018000030375
L5Mountain View18090015423iOS experienced engineer coming from FB
L6Dublin, Ireland12031030400
L6Mountain View, CA21038050640
L7Seattle, WA21000025000070000570
L7San Francisco21200025000050000530
L7San Jose, CA25030090640
L7San Jose, CA650
L7Mountain View, CA24743070749
L7.5Mountain View, CA250000170000065000800
Product Manager 3Kirkland, WA18000028000040000500
SeniorSan Francisco, CA1917860315Acquisition was cash bonus heavy
StaffMountain View19200022000042000456
T2New York, NY95511010k relocation
T3Mountain View, CA1162517158
T3Mountain View11632.517.5166
T3Boulder, CO985004800015000161
T4Mountain View17028030480
T5New York, NY16095013029033200324
T5Sunnyvale, CA18400016000040000384
T5Kirkland, WA19000030000041500530
T5Kirkland, WA16200020000027000390Stock roughly doubled since I joined.
T5Pittsburgh, PA260
T6New York, NY440
T6Sunnyvale17000020000075000545Technical Program Manager
T6Mountain View162000270000160000592
T7New York, NY252790781120
T7San Jose, CA660
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Products You will Work on at Google:

Google as a large software and hardware company offers the following products and services:

Here’s a list of available and under development Google products:

  1. An Internet search engine.
  2. Web email.
  3. A news aggregator.
  4. Calendar software.
  5. A suite of productivity applications, including spreadsheet, word-processing, and photo-editing software.
  6. Cloudstorage for consumers
  7. Cloud storage for businesses.
  8. Cloudcomputing for businesses.
  9. A website for watching Internet videos.
  10. A web browser – Chrome.
  11. A smartphone/tablet operating system.
  12. A thermostat.
  13. Unknown life-extending technologies.
  14. Computerized contact lenses
  15. Robot assistants
  16. Self-driving cars
  17. “A spoon designed to make life easier for people with diseases such as Parkinson’s.”
  18. A home video monitoring system.
  19. High-speed Internet service.
  20. Laptop computers.
  21. Desktop computers.
  22. A dongle that puts Internet video on your TV.
  23. Balloons that broadcast Internet signal.
  24. Drones that deliver goods to homes.
  25. Computers you wear like glasses.
  26. Airborne wind turbines.
  27. A digital collection of all the world’s books.
  28. A map of the world.
  29. A collection of photographs of every street in the world.
  30. A social network.
  31. Software for creating and maintaining blogs.
  32. An online video rental store.
  33. An online software store.
  34. A live-updating database of equities and financial news.
  35. A service that allows you to pay for things with your phone.
  36. A language translation service.
  37. A phone number replacement service.
  38. Video-conferencing software.

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