6 Top Google Inc Engineers Share Their 2019 Levels and Salary.

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2019)

6 Top Google Inc Engineers Share Their 2019 Levels and Salary.
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We interviewed some Engineers at Google and the Below is their Reported Salary and Total Compensation alongside their Levels at Google Inc.

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This Engineer Gives Us some Google Career Advise

Engineer 1:

What is your Level and Salary Compensation?:

Staff SWE, Google Seattle.

Total  comp this year will be around 550k with a roughly 55/45 equity/cash split if GOOG shares remain constant. Historically they have typically gone up meaningfully over the course of any given year.

The cash component includes base salary and bonus.


Does “550k with a roughly 55/45 equity/cash split” mean you make ~247,000 base + ~302,500 in stock options?


Regarding compensation, the split is approximate. The cash is both salary and an annual bonus paid out in January. The stock is actual stock, not options, so every month some number of Google shares show up in my brokerage.


Is Staff SWE different from regular SWE? What’s the difference

Staff SWE is Google’s equivalent of Principal Engineer.


For someone not working in tech, what is the difference between an engineer and a principal engineer?

Staff Engineer at Google Inc is one level past Senior Engineer.

The difference is that senior engineers do something resembling engineering. The Principal has a very distinguished and widely-recognized track record of achievement. What’s interesting here is the social dimension of this. It’s not enough that you are competent and have achievements. They key is that your achievements are recognized socially. Principal engineer is when you want to give someone more salary but they don’t wanna be a manager haha.


Advise to recent Grads and Those Still in School who want to work at Google:

Do internships. If you miss the one you really want, think hard about why, then try again. Internships are the best place to start into my next piece of advice.

Specialize in something valuable while you’re in school or once you start into your career. Jobs I might look for if I were entering the work force today:

– Image processing or other noisy data handling.

– Robotics, especially something requiring interdisciplinary skills like control theory.

– Deep learning techniques are all the rage; you’ll be much more useful if you understand how they work and can build novel topologies. Being taken seriously here will likely require a portfolio (maybe graduate work).

– Systems programming is an unending hellscape of horrible problems. Some people seem to enjoy it.

– If you have a knack for it, security, It takes a certain deviousness to think of new ways to misuse things. Takes a wizard to do something like Meltdown and Spectre.

It doesn’t really matter what you become a domain expert in as long as it’s valuable. It does matter that you don’t treat “domain expert” as a fixed target.

In terms of extracurricular work, find an open source project that’s got engagement from companies with lots of senior people (Kubernetes would be a good example, it has many very talented people working on it). Fix open bugs. Fix the onboarding experience. Start with trivial things and go from there. Don’t get dismayed when you end up with hundreds of review comments, that’s how you learn.


Educational Background to Start out at Google

Engineer 2:

What is your Level and Salary at Google Inc?

SWE II [1], Google Cambridge, MA. I was hired in 2016 with a little under 2 years of professional experience, with total compensation of about $150k and a roughly 75/25 cash/equity split. The equity has risen in value significantly, the cash only slightly.

I believe this is a relatively normal entry point for people either just out of school or with 1-2 years experience.


Where did you go to school and what is your background?

My CS background before my first job was:

Grew up interested in computers, learned a little BASIC.

Took two intro CS courses during undergrad at an Ivy League school, but majored in the humanities.

Years later, attended a bootcamp.



Engineer 3:

Google, SWE II, 2y prior experience, didn’t finish degree, Bay area.

205k total, 45k from stock


Google Career Levels


Google career levels
Google career levels

Engineer 4:

SWE III  in Boulder, CO with 4 years at Google: ~$225k total comp with 60/40 cash [Salary+Bonus]/equity.

For reference, Google’s ladder goes: SWE II -> SWE III -> Senior SWE -> Staff SWE -> Senior Staff SWE -> Principal -> Distinguished.


Engineer 5:

Recent new grad that joined Google in the past few months.

Total comp (base + bonus + stock + signing bonus amortized over 4 years) is 185k. Higher than expected because of recent stock increases & I negotiated with competing offers.

TC next year will be closer to 200k.


Engineer 6:

London, 0 experience, have Phd. Google Research Scientist:90k£ base, 100k£ bonus and stock.



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