Intel Career Levels and Salary Compensation Guide 2019

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2019)

Intel Company Profile
Intel is a massive tech company, based in Santa Clara, CA, USA. It engages in the design, manufacture, and sale of computer products and technologies. It delivers computer, networking, data storage and communications platforms.

Intel career levels Levelsfyi com
Intel career levels

Career Levels and Salary at Intel

Engineering Roles: As one of the biggest software companies in the world, Intel aims to employ and retain the best in developer talents and provides its employees a strong career path on par with majority of the other companies in the Valley. Below is a concise table of Intel Company Levels with the accompanying Intel Job Titles, Intel Total Yearly Compensation for Job Levels, Locations, Years of Experience for each Job Levels at Intel, Years at Company that may warrant a job level at Intel, Base Salary for Job Levels at Intel, Stock Grant Value for different Levels at Intel, Bonus you could get at different job levels as a Intel employee and Other details.

NB: The below contains our crowdsourced intelligence on different job levels at Intel. Please note that the raw data is presented as it is and all compensation is in thousands (i.e. 000′).

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Job Levels at Intel Inc

A table on the various job levels along with their varying Job titles at Intel.

L7Software Engineer
Grade 6Software Engineer
Grade 6Product Manager
Grade 7Software Engineer
Grade 8Software Engineer
Grade 10Software Engineer
Principal engineerSoftware Engineer
StaffSoftware Engineer
Staff (Grade 8)Software Engineer
Intel career levels Levelsfyi com
Intel career levels

Years of Experience needed to work at each Level in Intel

The below also contains Years needed to get to each Level at Intel and the varying Office locations you will work in different Job Levels at Intel:

Years of Experience needed to work at each Level in Intel

Years of Experience needed to work at each Level in Intel
LevelTitleLocationYears of ExperienceYears at Company
G6Software Engineering ManagerOregon76
Grade 6Software EngineerHILLSBORO, OR, USA33
Grade 6Software EngineerSanta Clara55
L7Software EngineerSacramento, CA65
Grade 7Software EngineerHillsboro66
Grade 7Software EngineerSunnyvale02.5
Grade 8Software EngineerSanta Clara, CA41
Grade 10Software EngineerHillsboro2516
Principal engineerSoftware EngineerHillsboro, or2220
StaffSoftware EngineerFolsom, CA76
Staff (Grade 8)Software EngineerHillsboro, OR54


Salary, Stock and Bonuses Compensations for each Job Level at Intel

Salaries at each level is always a big deal. These crowdsourced data will let you see the Total Yearly compensation/ Take home pay across different Job levels and Titles at Intel.

LevelTitleLocationBase SalaryStock Grant ValueBonusTotal Yearly Compensation
G6Software Engineering ManagerOregon1001015125
Grade 6Software EngineerHILLSBORO, OR, USA10100030007000110
Grade 6Software Engineersanta clara12070008000135
Grade 6Product ManagerSanta Clara, CA126
Grade 7Software EngineerHillsboro1230002500012000165
Grade 7Software EngineerSunnyvale1531528196
Grade 8Software EngineerSanta Clara, CA155000800030000193
Grade 10Software EngineerHillsboro2100007500070000340
L7Software EngineerSacramento, CA96410110
Principal engineerSoftware EngineerHillsboro, or20000004500055000300
StaffSoftware EngineerFolsom, CA170
Staff (Grade 8)Software EngineerHillsboro, OR1302219161
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Products You will Work on at Intel:

Intel as a large software and hardware company offers the following products and services:

It operates its business through the following segments: Client Computing Group, Data Center Group, Internet of Things Group, Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, Programmable Solutions, and All Other.

The Client Computing Group segment consists of platforms designed for notebooks, 2 in 1 systems, desktops, tablets, phones, wireless and wired connectivity products, and mobile communication components.

The Data Center Group segment includes workload-optimized platforms and related products designed for enterprise, cloud, and communication infrastructure market. The Internet of Things Group segment comprises of platforms such as retail, transportation, industrial, video, buildings and smart cities, along with a broad range of other market segments.

The Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group segment constitutes of NAND flash memory products primarily used in solid-state drives.

The Programmable Solutions Group segment contains programmable semiconductors and related products for a broad range of markets, including communications, data center, industrial, military, and automotive.

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