Microsoft Career Levels and Salary Compensation Guide 2019

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2019)

Microsoft Company Profile
Microsoft is a massive tech company, based in Seattle, USA. They are the makers of the wildly successful Windows OS, Windows phone, Azure Cloud, Office 365 etc. The Company develops, licenses, and supports a range of software products, services and devices. The Company’s segments include Productivity and Business Processes, Intelligent Cloud and More Personal Computing.

Career Levels and Compensation at Microsoft

Microsoft career levels Levelsfyi com
Microsoft career levels

Engineering Roles: As one of the biggest software companies in the world, Microsoft aims to employ and retain the best in developer talents and provides its employees a strong career path on par with majority of the other companies in the Valley. Below is a concise table of Microsoft Company Levels with the accompanying Microsoft Job Titles, Microsoft Total Yearly Compensation for Job Levels, Locations, Years of Experience for each Job Levels at Microsoft, Years at Company that may warrant a job level at Microsoft, Base Salary for Job Levels at Microsoft, Stock Grant Value for different Levels at Microsoft, Bonus you could get at different job levels as a Microsoft employee and Other details.

NB: The below contains our crowdsourced intelligence on different job levels at Microsoft. Please note that the raw data is presented as it is and all compensation is in thousands (i.e. 000′).

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Job Levels at Microsoft Inc

A table on the various job levels along with their varying Job titles at Microsoft.

LevelTitleTotal Yearly Compensation
59Product Manager148
59Software Engineer150
60Software Engineer180
SDE II (61)Software Engineer150
61Product Manager115
61Software Engineer200
62Software Engineer230
62Product Manager155
63Product Manager190
63Software Engineer240
63Product Manager208
64Investment Banker330
64Software Engineer295
64Product Manager295
65Product Manager250
65Software Engineer350
66Product Manager325
67Software Engineer510
67Product Manager600
68Product Manager950
69Software Engineer910

Microsoft career levels Levelsfyi com
Microsoft career levels

Years of Experience needed to work at each Level in Microsoft

The below also contains Years needed to get to each Level at Microsoft and the varying Office locations you will work in different Job Levels at Microsoft:

LevelTitleYears of Experience
10Software Engineer10
59Software Engineer3
59Software Engineer1
59Software Engineer2
59Software Engineer0
59Software Engineer0
59Software Engineer0.5
59Software Engineer3
59Product Manager0
59Software Engineer0
60Software Engineer3.5
60Software Engineer5
60Software Engineer3
60Software Engineer0
60Software Engineer4
60Software Engineer0
60Software Engineer2
61Product Manager4
61Software Engineer5
61Software Engineer2
61Software Engineer4
61Software Engineer3
61Software Engineer3
61Software Engineer2.5
61Software Engineer3.5
61Software Engineer3
61Software Engineer5
61Software Engineer3
61Software Engineer7
61Software Engineer6
61Software Engineer3
61Software Engineer3
61Software Engineer4
61Software Engineer11
61Software Engineer2
61Software Engineer3
61Software Engineer6
61Software Engineer7
62Software Engineer4
62Software Engineer15
62Software Engineer6.5
62Software Engineer7
62Software Engineer5
62Software Engineer5
62Product Manager4
62Software Engineer3
62Product Manager11
62Software Engineer0
62Software Engineer5
62Software Engineer6
62Product Manager10
63Software Engineer8.5
63Software Engineer12
63Product Manager10
63Software Engineer7
63Product Manager6
63Software Engineer6
63Software Engineer5
63Product Manager9
63Software Engineer8
63Software Engineer9
63Software Engineer6
63Product Manager10
63Software Engineer14
63Software Engineer5
63Software Engineer10
63Software Engineer9
63Product Manager10
63Software Engineer18
63Software Engineer7
63Software Engineer10
64Software Engineering Manager9
64Software Engineer9
64Software Engineering Manager17
64Software Engineer14
64Software Engineer14
64Investment Banker10
64Software Engineer10
64Product Manager10
64Product Manager13
64Product Manager8
64Software Engineer11
64Software Engineer8
64Product Manager9
64Product Manager10
64Product Manager18
64Software Engineer17
64Software Engineer10
64Software Engineer15
64Software Engineer8.5
64Software Engineer11
64Software Engineer30
64Software Engineer10
64Product Manager10
64Software Engineering Manager4
65Software Engineering Manager15
65Product Manager14
65Software Engineer8
65Software Engineer12
65Software Engineer10
65Software Engineer13
65Product Manager19
65Product Manager10
65Product Manager16
66Product Manager20
66Software Engineer20
67Software Engineering Manager15
67Product Manager20
67Software Engineer20
67Product Manager15
68Product Manager20
69Software Engineer28
L59Software Engineer1
L60Software Engineer2
L61Software Engineer4
L61Software Engineer5
L63Product Manager12
L64Product Manager5
L66Product Manager13
Sde 2Software Engineer5
SDE 2 / 61Software Engineer5
SDE II (61)Software Engineer4

Salary, Stock and Bonuses Compensations for each Job Level at Microsoft

Salaries at each level is always a big deal. These crowdsourced data will let you see the Total Yearly compensation/ Take home pay across different Job levels and Titles at Microsoft.

LevelTitleTotal Yearly CompensationLocationBase SalaryStock Grant ValueBonusOther details
10Software Engineer208Redmond1355000023
59Software Engineer120redmond
59Software Engineer137Seattle, WA1100001600011000
59Software Engineer138Redmond WA1080007000010000
59Software Engineer154Redmond, WA1083511
59Software Engineer163Redmond1083025
59Software Engineer157Redmond, WA1073810
59Software Engineer147Bellevue1073010
59Product Manager148Redmond, WA10812010Stock Grant over 4 years, new grad
59Software Engineer150Bellevue1073010
60Software Engineer141Redmond,WA,US120000500015000
60Software Engineer157Mountain View, CA
60Software Engineer155Redmond, WA117400420014500
60Software Engineer180Bay Area, CA1300003020
60Software Engineer150Seattle118512
60Software Engineer150redmond11600013000035000
60Software Engineer135.75Redmond WA1201512
61Product Manager115Seattle, WA11500060008000I’m a .92 comp ratio
61Software Engineer156Redmond, WA126200265007200
61Software Engineer176Seattle1310002400021000
61Software Engineer150Redmond, WA
61Software Engineer155Redmond, WA129000900017000
61Software Engineer184Redmond, WA1280003000025600
61Software Engineer164Seattle, WA1320007500013200stock is vested over 4 yrs, bonus is avg cash bonus (0-20% of annual salary), $40k sign-on (over 2 yrs)
61Software Engineer150Redmond
61Software Engineer149Redmond, WA1291010
61Software Engineer151Boston, MA130912
61Software Engineer150Redmond, WA128616
61Software Engineer145Redmond129470450011600didn't count benefits (+24k) in total comp because it says "Salary + Bonus + Stock"
61Software Engineer165Redmond, WA1350002000010000
61Software Engineer152Redmond, WA1230001500012000
61Software Engineer181Redmond, WA1477540
61Software Engineer157.056Seattle,WA133956900014100
61Software Engineer167.6Redmond1240002500018600
61Software Engineer195Seattle13031.2533
61Software Engineer180Seattle, WA130000800020000
61Software Engineer200Redmond, WA, USA13717.513.7
61Software Engineer112Vancouver, BC, Canada10220050005000You must be in the top 3-5% of employees in Canada to get any promotion.
62Software Engineer156Seattle, WA135813
62Software Engineer118Dublin, Ireland10500060007000
62Software Engineer160Redmond,W1401010
62Software Engineer177Bellevue, WA1350003000012000
62Software Engineer182Redmond136815
62Software Engineer194Seattle, WA1404055000020000Got 50K worth of stock when I joined.
62Product Manager180Redmond1450002000020000
62Software Engineer230Bellevue, WA1407515
62Product Manager174Seattle1322220Stock includes the year's total vest value from the sign-in, yearly performance, and spot award pools
62Software Engineer155Bellevue13700018000
62Software Engineer175Redmond, aa1411024
62Software Engineer177Redmond, WA14510030bonus is 30k signing bonus.
62Product Manager155Seattle, WA14000085006000
63Software Engineer208Seattle, WA
63Software Engineer201Seattle, WA1572628
63Product Manager150Redmond
63Software Engineer191Seattle, WA1521722
63Product Manager190Seattle1503017
63Software Engineer183Bellevue, WA1501500018000
63Software Engineer210Seattle, WA16517525
63Product Manager195Redmond1576222040017800
63Software Engineer310Sunnyvale, CA, USA2003575
63Software Engineer189Redmond1510002000017000
63Software Engineer240Redmond, WA150.71204040K signon for years
63Product Manager164Redmond1341515
63Software Engineer188Redmond. WA1507131700020600
63Software Engineer204Seattle1574752200025200
63Software Engineer188Bellevue, WA1482018
63Software Engineer210Seattle, WA150000
63Product Manager208Seattle1552528
63Software Engineer190Redmond,WA1494574000022418
63Software Engineer210Seattle, WA1605001750032000
63Software Engineer220redmond
64Software Engineering Manager200Redmknd,WA16900010000030000
64Software Engineer195Redmond, WA
64Software Engineering Manager220seattle, wa
64Software Engineer230Seattle WA16530
64Software Engineer260Redmond, WA1652928401k match, ESPP, health insurance
64Investment Banker330Texas
64Software Engineer220Redmond, WA1642828
64Product Manager120Bangalore/Karnataka/India78402
64Product Manager250redmond, WA16598704985031500
64Product Manager202Redmond, WA1492528
64Software Engineer194REDMOND1570002400024000
64Software Engineer295Bellevue1753363
64Product Manager295Redmond1757248
64Product Manager225Dallas, TX1870002400028000
64Product Manager250Seattle1800003600036000
64Software Engineer230Redmond, WA1750007500025000
64Software Engineer210Seattle1603020
64Software Engineer277Seattle1750005000052500
64Software Engineer229Seattle1702929
64Software Engineer210Redmond1642421
64Software Engineer210Redmon1622424
64Software Engineer238Sunnyvale, CA1783525
64Product Manager80india
64Software Engineering Manager230Redmond, WA1670005000035000
65Software Engineering Manager300Redmond1806555
65Product Manager250Redmond, WA1802530
65Software Engineer342Redmond, WA20210238
65Software Engineer350New York20075110
65Software Engineer300San Francisco, CA2204040
65Software Engineer266Redmond, WA1903838
65Product Manager300Nowhere1750007200053000
65Product Manager270Seattle, WA2250005000033000Promoted mid-year into 65
65Product Manager293Boulder, CO1836050
66Product Manager325Redmond, wa1919043
66Software Engineer350Redmomd, WA1907538
67Software Engineering Manager462Bellevue, WA24015072
67Product Manager500redmond,wa22500020000080000
67Software Engineer510Redmond, wa22000030000095000
67Product Manager600Seattle210350150
68Product Manager950Redmond, WA240000317000140000
69Software Engineer910Redmond WA270500140
L59Software Engineer163Redmond, WA10800012000025000
L60Software Engineer155.5Redmond, WA13012.513
L61Software Engineer142Redmond, WA1220003000012000Joining 30000
L61Software Engineer145Redmond, WA1255003012550$20,000 sign on
L63Product Manager168Redmond WA1484121720020000Stock over 4 years vested equally every 6 months
L64Product Manager232Seattle, WA1610003400036800
L66Product Manager357Redmond20110050
Sde 2Software Engineer155Bellevue, wa126
SDE 2 / 61Software Engineer166Seattle1252913
SDE II (61)Software Engineer150Redmond1202010

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Products You will Work on at Microsoft:

As a large software and hardware company, Microsoft offers the following products and services:

  1. Skype for Business.
  2. Exchange Server.
  3. Dynamics ERP.
  4. Microsoft Azure.
  5. SharePoint Server.
  6. SQL Server.
  7. Windows Client.
  8. Microsoft Office Suite.

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