What does a Blockchain Engineer do? Answered (Updated for 2019)

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2019)

Blockchain Engineers Wanted

Recently while browsing the Ask HN: Who is Hiring Thread for my monthly compilation for Jobs in Blockchain, I came across this question – What does a Blockchain Engineer do?

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With Blockchain jobs being the 2nd most demanded skill in the Job market according to Upwork, which i chronicled on my other site here, this question is more valid now more than ever.


Here is the Original question:

What does Blockchain Engineer do? Like implementing blockchain from scratch, or working on existing implementations? (Bitcoin, Ethereum) doing what? Fixing bugs mentioned in their issue tracker? Please elaborate what’s the work day looks for such developer.



It is mostly about working on existing implementations but a deep understanding of how blockchains work is required. We’re looking for someone who can help to review and add new cryptos (for building trading pairs). Work with the exchange wallets. Continuously track, evaluate and solve potential issues derived from bugs/vulns that appear from time to time in some cryptocurrencies.

We also have got the process already quite streamlined so it’s more about optimising it and have more eyes reviewing internal and external code bases. Also experience with DEX architectures is a bonus (but not strictly necessary)

Obviously, this doesn’t fully answer the Op’s question from the angle he sought (which was a more general question).

So will I throw this question open to the community especially those skilled in this field – What does a Blockchain Engineer do?

The best answers will be subsequently added to this page.

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